Reminding People That They Can

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Reminding People That They Can

When the subject of health and staying fit and healthy comes up people automatically cringe from guilt or become apprehensive at the thought of giving up their favorite foods, spending hours at the a gym or paying for a gym membership and exercise equipment. Time availability is a major concern for working people and busy parents because of all the daily responsibilities they already have to fulfill. This post addresses these concerns and informs people about small steps they can take adopting healthier habits.
Most people have a good idea about what keeps them from living a healthier life and what factors are probably affecting their health. People know that drinking large amounts of soda and eating large amounts of fried or processed foods is adversely affecting their health. The suggestion of exercising three times a week for 30 minutes each time, though debatable, is known and avoided by many. People have internalized excuses for continuing to eat and drink unhealthy products and to laugh at the mention of a regular exercise program. The driving force behind most these excuses is self-doubt, not apathy.

Most plans to eat or live in a healthier way do not work because they do not take into account all the reasons that keep people from staying committed to their health goals. The first step that should be taken is to write down five health goals and that might work around a person’s daily activities. Making sure that these goals are short-term and realistic. Accomplishing these goals will give the person the drive and confidence to achieve bigger goals later. Goals can include losing three pounds in one week or not getting a snack in the middle of the night. Another important, and money-saving goal, is to drink less soda. As mentioned before, goals will start small and gradually lead into more complex, long-term goals, so cutting down on sugary snacks and drinks for a couple of weeks then eliminating them in the next couple of weeks and replacing them with healthier choices is more effective than suddenly altering eating habits.

Some kind of exercise program has to be combined with healthy eating habits to help people to stay fit and healthy longer. Writing down short-term, realistic goals and gradually making each goal more complex will increase confidence about the ability to follow an exercise program. For example, if someone writes down a goal to run a marathon, but has to care for multiple children, in addition to a housework, she or he is probably not going to have time to prepare for the marathon. However, the goal can be saved until she or he is able to find time to prepare for it. Jogging or running for ten minutes a day for one week is an example of a small, exercise goal. People should try to use whatever exercise equipment available to them. There are many websites and books that illustrate exercises that do not require any equipment and others that only require a chair.
People can easily create time to exercise or prepare vegetables for snacks is to wake up 15 minutes earlier or sleep 15 minutes later. People need to be reminded that they can easily change their bad habits to live healthier lives one small goal at a time.

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