Home Improvement Tips that Benefit your Health

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Home Improvement Tips that Benefit your Health

Home renovations are undertaken for various reasons, but the term home improvement brings connotations of making the home better rather than simply updating or changing elements for aesthetic purposes. In many cases, this can mean making the home a healthier dwelling, but any renovation presents this opportunity, and this fact should make health a consideration especially in light of recent information revealing that the air in homes can be more polluted than outside city air. Additionally, a current trend is to make homes more compatible to the needs of aging inhabitants to make it possible for them to live comfortably in their homes throughout their later years. However, making changes that are beneficial to good health requires only a little planning and information, and does not mean any great added expense to any home improvement efforts.

One reason for the high pollution levels in homes is the use of paints with high levels of VOCs. VOCs are volatile organic compounds. As these natural compounds degrade, they off-let highly toxic emissions into the interior space. This problem was not as evasive or severe in older homes, but as homes became more sealed due to newer technologies in building and building materials, the build-up is not eliminated through drafts. However, since painting is often the first step in home improvement efforts, replacing this toxic paint with low VOC brands will eliminate this toxic issue and work greatly to improve the inside air. VOCs are also present in many flooring types including laminates and carpets, so replacing these materials with low VOC versions will also prevent much of the interior pollution.

Flooring is another opportunity to make the home safer for inhabitants and especially renovations done in anticipation of aging in the home. Flooring should not only be low VOC, it should also not be very slippery. There are many current brands available that have some tooth. This prevents slippage especially in the elderly. Additionally, the flooring can be laid to be barrier free. In many cases, this means seamlessly laying the flooring and preventing any raised thresholds through transitions into adjacent rooms. This can be combined with widening doors to accommodate any mobility devices. Be careful to understand the origins of any flooring utilized in the home improvement because there are other substances utilized in the manufacturing of some forms of flooring that can toxically off-let gasses into homes also.

Air quality can be improved even greater with the addition of air filtration systems designed to purify and detoxify interior air. If breathing problems are an issue, this should be a definite consideration. Systems that feature HEPA technology are especially effective at eliminating interior air pollution. However, simply outfitting the existing HVAC system with HEPA filters will also alleviate poor air issues greatly also. So far passive action to improve health within a renovation has been discussed, but an active health improvement strategy could be to add a dedicated workout room. Transform the room by adding mirrors either affixed to the wall, or simply add them as accessories making them mobile. Modular gym flooring is now available to prevent denting the floors and to add the necessary cushion. These systems are easily installed by novices and present that quintessential authentic gym feel. It only requires a small amount of research to find other great healthy ideas to incorporate home improvement tips that benefit your health.

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